Predictive Numerology


Numeroscope (Ank Kundli)

Starting : Next Week
Hours : 21 Hours
Timings : 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM and 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM

Course Summary

  1. Importance of First Letter of Name and its effects.
  2.  Numbers and selection of Professions.
  3. Numerology and Health, Numbers and Diseases.
  4. Love and Marriage, Compatibility for Marriage, Time of Marriage, Divorce/Separation etc.
  5. Selection of a Name for a Profession/Business, Company, Selection of a suitable Partner.
  6. Design and colour pattern for Logo, Visiting Card, Letter Head.
  7. Effects of Missing Numbers in a Numeroscope and their remedies.
  8. Dasha System of Numbers, Calculations and their effects.
  9. Combinations of Numbers (Yogas of Numbers) and their effects.
  10. Effects of intensity of numbers or repetition of numbers, (Frequency of Numbers).
  11. Numerology — Number Vastu Fault Grid. To know Vastu Defect through Numerology.
  12. Numerology — Answering Your Questions. INVERTED PYRAMID METHOD.
  13. TO KNOW FUTURE — Personal Year Number, Month Number, Day Number calculations and
  14. Personal Month and Personal Day Numbers, their effects and Predictions.
  15. Number Hora system.
  16. Selection of suitable Mobile Phone Number and Land Line Number through Numerology
  17. Predictions through Lo-Shu Grid.
  18. The Arrows
  19. Numerology and Parenting.
  20. Special Effects of Numbers 4 and 8.
  21. Calculation, Importance and effects of Money Numbers.
  22. Significance of Cosmic Numbers.
  23. Timings of Events through Numerology.


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