Janamdin Puja


It is said that spiritual rituals performed on a person’s birthday provide maximum benefits to the individual, as the ability to receive cosmic blessings is very high in an individual on one’s birthday. This puja on birthday is a holy offering that strengthens the protective aura around a native and insulates one from misfortunes in life.


  • This Puja brings enormous luck into the life of the native.
  • This Puja attracts new growth opportunities and promotes growth in career.
  • This Puja dispels all negative energies from the life of the native.
  • This Puja showers the life altering blessings of heavenly bodies upon the native.
  • This Puja strengthens the education domain in the life of a student.
  • For people involved in business, it promotes financial gains and secures a business from regulatory hurdles.
  • This Puja promotes sound health in life and protects the native from chronic diseases.
  • This Puja helps the native to win in legal battles.
  • This Puja protects the native from the harmful influence of enemies.


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