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We are a team of expert and experienced consultants and faculty. We  provide different courses and services like Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Vastu and Palmistry. You can enrol in any of the course and gain the knowledge in the course of your choice or choose to avail our services

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nidhi gupta

Vastu and numerology expert

Nidhi Gupta is a well-seasoned professional with over 5 years of experience which includes different kinds of occult science like Vastu numerology palmistry and tarot reading. She is a master in providing research and consultancy to the client for different aspects of occult science.

As a Pioneer in this space since 2016, Nidhi combines deep expertise with an unprecedented track record and a total commitment to her client and customers alike.

A person faces challenges in his everyday life and as a way of remedies, he tries to search out platforms with minimum costing. Astro Vision India was introduced with a vision to provides that kind of platform so it will be helpful for clients as well as students to take admission in the occult science courses, understand the essence of it at a bare minimum cost for a bright and stronger future.

Vinay Garg

Astrology and Vastu Expert

A graduate in mathematics and computers Shri Vinay Garg has a beautiful combination of Modernity and Scientific outlook in his personality. He is especially successful in giving predictions related to marriage, matrimonial development, characteristics of would be spouse, marital bliss, bitterness in relationship, possibility of divorce etc along with an expertise in giving solutions to other family related issues. He has excellent command not only on the mathematics of astrology but also on the predictive part of it.

Satya Vir Singh

Numerology Expert

Mr Satya Vir Singh is working in Mystique Sciences, Teaching and Consultancy Services  practicing in Astrology, Numerology, Vastu (Residential & Commercial), Palm Reading and Tarot Card Reading. He is also and educational guide and a wonderful councilor with experience close to 15 Years

Jyotish Parashar (Insititute of Mystique Sciences)
Hasta Samudrik Ratnakar (Insititute of Mystique Sciences)Jyotishachary (Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan)

Ank – Jyotishacharya,
Vastu Shashtracharya

Meetu Gupta

Tarot Card Reader and Meditation Specialist

Meetu Gupta has been practicing occult science expecially in tarot card reading and meditation for the past 15 years. If you ask her a question, she can provide you with an instant answer which the card shows and the answers have an accuracy rate of up to 95%. She is also an avid teacher and provides classes to people who want to find a solution for themselves

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